• Practices are different for each session. Please see description below


  • Mead High School
    12750 Co Rd
    Mead, CO 80504

2017-2018 Tournament Schedule (Subject to Change) $20 Entree Fee Per Local Tournament

Nov. 11th – OPTIONAL- Keenesburg (Rebel Shootout)
Nov. 18th – Monarch Mayhem (Louisville)
Dec. 2-4th – OPTIONAL- Caste Rock (King of Mountain) *National level tournament. Very tough
Dec. 9th – Broomfield (Lightning Strikes)
Dec. 16th – NORCO Challenge- Berthoud

Dec. 23rd– OPTIONAL- Thompson Valley Holiday Bash
Jan.   13th – Loveland (North Regional)
Jan.  19th-20th – FLO Tulsa Nationals (OPTIONAL TULSA OK)
Jan.  27th – TBD
Feb.   3rd  –  TBD
Feb.  10th – Henderson (Bear Cave)
Feb. 24th-25th – Castlerock (State) (15-Under and Girls wrestle 25th)


  • All wrestlers must have proof of insurance. It is required that you have a USA Wrestling card ($15-$40 expense depending on which membership you choose. The $15 membership covers folkstyle tournaments, and the $40 covers Freestlye and Greco). A lot of the tournaments we participate in will require it, and it acts as a secondary insurance for your child. See instructions on how to purchase a card here How_to_get_USA_Wrestling_Card
  • Signed Liability Release form (see registration page)
  • Payment in advance of each session

Winter Session– (Nov – Feb  (CO TOP TEAM will participate in Peak 2 Peak Wrestling League. This session is geared towards wrestlers 4-14 years of age).

  • Novice to Experienced Technique will be covered with Folkstyle emphasis
  • Beginners will focus on basic positions/level change/overall strategy
  • More experienced practices will be geared towards chain wrestling
  • Competitive emphasis during practices (will be in season for everyone)
  • Tournament schedule will be announced (weekly tournaments $20 fee to participate)


The Beginner Wrestlers (1-2 years experience) will practice only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15-6:00. Their practice will focus on basic skills, rules, and overall strategy of wrestling. As I mentioned at the registration meeting, we will require our beginner wrestlers to pass a skills test before we invite them to compete on Saturdays. The skills test will not be strict, but we want all of them to have a basic understanding of wrestling prior to competing. The skills test will be practiced at every practice and should be very simple to pass. If we feel that a wrestler in the beginner group is advancing at a fast pace, we will invite them to participate in the experienced practices. This session will go from Nov. 2nd- Dec. 22nd. The wrestlers that want to start competing will be able to pay a $50 extension to continue wrestling through Feb.
The Experienced Wrestlers  (3+ years experience) will practice on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:00-7:30. There will also be an optional Weds night practice from 5:30-6:30. The season will go through February and end with P2P Championships. Experienced practices will focus on basic technique, chain wrestling, advanced drills, etc. and will learn at a much faster pace. If we feel like we have a wrestler who is not learning at the pace we are teaching, we might bump them to the beginner practices.
Practice will begin Thursday Nov. 2nd.

– $100 (plus $50 extension if they go through Feb). Practice is 5:15-6:00 Tues/Thurs.

$200. Practice is 6:00-7:30 Tues/Thurs. Weds Match Nights 6:00-7:00 optional.
Singlet Cost- $55 (mandatory Colorado Top Team Singlet required).