If you want your kids to be a champion, they will be in good hands with Ben Cherrington and Leister Bowling! -Chris Nissen (4x CO State Champion)

I personally endorse these two as a couple of the best that Colorado has to offer! -Jared Haberman (4x CO State Champion)

Ben Cherrington might be one of the best coaches in America. He truly has a desire for coaching and helping young people develop into great people! -Eric Schultz

What a great opportunity for young kids to learn from two of the best and caring coaches! – Lori West

Having worked with both Leister and Ben myself, I can attest that they not only know wrestling, but that they are also great with the kids. Many of you follow Satchel’s wrestling exploits here on facebook or on my other sites. I can’t tell you how valuable the sport has been to his development as the kind of caring, committed, and hard-working kid he is. I highly recommend checking out the program. -Jeff Goldstein

Family style atmosphere. Signed my son Calvin Shepherd after his first year of wrestling in college. Was really excited when his his hometown hero joe Leblanc joined CTT. Ben and Leister were equally great to him and informative. Thank you guys. You helped a young man who needed more than just wrestling coaching. Calvin (or Ty as his family calls him) has a 5year old brother who will be joining soon. -Chad Shepard


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